Social Events


Homecoming has been an important tradition of the non-Greek and Greek organizations alike. Some of the events chapters compete in include the Float Competition, Pant The Chant, Paint The Ville, and more. Not only is this a fun week for ADPis, but it is a great time to meet other fraternity and sorority members.

Date Parties & Formal

We have two date parties each semester, including one informal dance and a formal dance. All of our date parties have fun themes! Before winter break, we hold our annual Black Diamond Formal; in the spring we have a semi-formal date party. 



In addition to our date parties, we also plan functions with different fraternities and sororities. These can be anything from philanthropic dancing, ballroom dancing, or cookouts. Each function is different and is a great way to meet new people in the Greek chapters.

Dad, Mom, and Family Day

During the fall semester we have Dad's weekend and Family Day. In the spring semester ADPi celebrates Mom's weekend. This is a great chance for the girls to show our families and friends the fun we have at K-State.